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tv   Action News Weekend 7AM  ABC  January 28, 2018 7:00am-8:00am EST

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. moving on to minnesota. the eagles fly out of town today for their super bowl showdown against the defending champion patriots. >> and fans line up to meet some of the birds before they jet out of town. we've got come coverage all day from the area and all the way to minnesota. >> first your wake-up weather. some rain to start your sunday. we are still enjoying relatively nice and mild temperatures. the action cam is live at the belmont plateau looking towards the center city skyline. our meteorologist chris sowers was under the weather this morning so we go to meteorologist david murphy always nice to see you. >> right now we've got some light rain on the terrace as you take a look at storm 6 double scan it's pretty much everywhere across the region. you can expect a good portion of the morning to be wet and down
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in south jersey slightly steadier cells hig of this for is light nuisance rain, you take it slow and put a lot of room between you and the car in front of you. 49 in wilmington and trenton and even in the cooler spots like reading and allentown you're at 44 and 45 respectively. th . there is no chance of any icing. as we take a look at temperatures throughout the day, we stay mild today by 3:00 getting up to about 51 for a high and then back down into the 40s after that. by 9:00 tonight, down to 46. most of your rain through the morning in philadelphia, that stuff will start to dry out in the northern and western suburbs and then dry in the city and other areas near 95 and in the early afternoon hours, if you're down the shore you're probably dealing with some lingering rain up until dinnertime or so. we're looking at that flood watch up north along the delaware river as ice jam continues to break up. this goes until 4:00 this afternoon and we'll see if it
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gets extended after that. for now there could be flooding. when i step inside we'll show you future tracker 6 with the departure of today's rain and we've got a couple of other chances of resipation later this week that could be a rain and snow mix both occasions. we'll have that coming up in the sluf accuweather 7-day forecast. >> all right, david. thank you. fly eagles fly and today the birds soar. they board their flight this afternoon for minnesota site of super bowl lii. >> live coverage from minnesota starts on action news at noon. the eagles got in one last practice here at home before taking their underdog show on the road. veterans on the defense, chris long and malcolm jenkins have won super bowls with other teams. >> jenkins with the saints long with the pats. they know the super bowl experience is about pace. >> still have a long week of
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media and practice and meetings. so i think there's a certain aspect of trying to conserve your energy bhiil getting -- while getting a lot ofond that' itself. >> the first thing about it is, because you worked so long and talked about it so much in the last year that now we're finally here. that light switches on we earned the right to be here. so it's not really a surprise. >> and the crowd gathered outside karls cards and collectables to meet eagles player. ellerby won a super bowl with baltimore in 2013. >> any time you're going to the super bowl it's going to feel great. for me it's all work. i don't want to celebrate going to the super bowl. i want to celebrate winning. >> the fans deserve a super bowl and we're excited to have an opportunity to give it to them. >> the plan is to win and bring
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the party to broad street.>> pr? that's funny man steve martin alongside the philadelphia orchestra as they did "fly eagles fly." looked really great in that eagles green. the bell tower at holy trinity episcopal church will actually play the song after its 11:00 a.m. service today. >> yet another reason to go to church, right? it is a song people just can't stop singing and we love it. generations of fans showing off their allegiance to the eetion also with pride. >> trish hartman was right there as people waited to meet some of the players in bucks county. >> reporter: we waited in line by the hundreds outside dynasty
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sports in the oxford valley mall. some with chairs, some with underdog masks, all with team spirit. linebacker michael kendrick and corner back michael darby signed autographs and took pictures the night before they're heading to minnesota for super bowl lii. >> they took time out of their day to come here and see us. >> reporter: and that feeling was mutual. >> it was really excited. one of my favorite players. >> reporter: her son loves ronald darby but hates crowds. >> had to hide behind the register for a bit. what people think is nothing is such a big deal. >> reporter: several hours into the event, cornerback patrick robinson still hadn't shown up
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as scheduled. dynasty employees handed out pizza for the fans who waited. around 9:00 p.m. it was announced due to a packed schedule, he wouldn't show. >> a little disappointed but everybody was friendly. you can tell the attitude a lit talked to everybody. it was a friendly atmosphere. >> reporter: fans say this was their way to send off their team. >> eagles! something we've been waiting for for a long, long time. it finally happened. they're going to bring it home. >> reporter: dynasty fans offered refunds or a chance to see him once he reschedules his appearance after the super bowl. trish hartman, channel 6 action news. >> now on patrick robinson who you heard about in thish's report there, he sent out a tweet saying i apologize to all of the eagles fans due to circumstances out of my control i missed my signing.
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i'm in the process of scheduling another date post super bowl. and jeff skversky brings you tom brady's comments and bob brooks has more from the players at yesterday's final home practice. >> ducis rodgers, jamie apody, brian taff, sharrie williams and sarah bloomquist, they are all in minnesota to bring you live coverage of the birds' super bowl appearance, live reports from minnesota start at noon today. kick off with the eagles and the action news team on the air, on twitter, facebook and >> if you're just waking up with us, new information to tell you about this morning, one man is dead after an argument near temple university. police say the 25-year-old victim was walking with some friends near off-campus housing in north philadelphia at 11:00 last night. they were approached by the suspect and then there was an argument. the suspect pulled out a knife and stabbed the victim in the
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chest. that strim later died shall -- the victim later died at the hospital. he was visiting from harrisburg and we are told he is not a temple student. police are looking at surveillance cameras and talk to go witnesses hoping to identify the suspect. >> a drexel student says she was assaulted by a man in her apartment. it's believed the man got into the woman's off-campus apartment through an unlocked door. the victim says her attacker was intoxicated and did not have a weapon. drexel police and philadelphia police are asking anyone with information to contact them. casino mogul steve wynn has stepped down from his post as rnc finance chairman. he is being accused of sexual misconduct. the latest from linda lopez. >> reporter: casino mogul, steve
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wynn released this statement. the chairwoman of the republican national committee accepting the resignation just one day after the wall street journal reported that he pressured some of his employees to perform sex acts. the allegations spanning several decades. the journal reporting a 2005 incident. she alleges he forced her to have sex in his office later paying her a $7.5 million settlement. he saw employees cry, get sick and have nervous breakdowns when wynn requested them. >> she locked herself in and would not come out. >> reporter: wynn has denied allegations but his resignation deprives republicans of a prolific fundraiser. wynn helped the gop rake in more than $130 million in 2017, receiving praise from president trump. >> he's raising so much money
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for our great republican party. >> reporter: the federal election commission says wynn also contributed more than $600,000 of his own money to republican causes in 2017. >> now there are increasing calls for the gop to return wynn's donations, especially since republicans demanded last year redirect or refund money donated to them by harvey weinstein. linda lopez, abc news new york. >> still ahead on action news, the sex abuse scandal involving u.s. gymnasts and michigan state university taking a new turn.
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7:13 your time, meteorologist chris sowers under the weather but dave murphy stepping in. did you bring the rain with you? >> not chris's fault. maybe i should blame cecily. city hall you can see we have on sky 6 wet conditions in center city. it's not exactly a driving rain across the region but light rain anyway, and certainly enough to slow you down a little bit as you're driving around through the morning hours. it should start to clear out in philadelphia during the afternoon. as we take a look at current conditions we're at 50 degrees in philadelphia and the winds are not all that strong. southwest at 6 miles per hour and obviously it is on the wet side, that dew point being close to the temperature tells you that. it's an indication of how most
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of the atmosphere is. 49 in trenton and wilmington and 45 degrees in cape may. let's go ahead and get you a look at radar and we are going to be looking at wet conditions as we go through the rest of the afternoon. there it is right now. and you can see that it's rather wet across the region and again breaking up a little bit in allentown, those lighter shades of green not as steady rain and as you move down towards south jersey you're getting steadier. most of this nuisance rain and not a lot of ponding and puddling on the roadways. future tracker 6 showing you now the rain between now and noon will probably be clearing allentown and reading as we move forward from there after about 2:00 or so, we are hoping that the i-95 corridor sees the end of the bulk of this rain. there could still be a little lingering drizzle behind where you see the green. generally speaking improvement in the afternoon. and you go up until 6:00 and there is a chance of some
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additional shower activity lingering down in south jersey and delaware and late tonight it's pretty much getting off the coast. you can see that progression. we dry out first up north later this morning and then probably waiting until the early afternoon hours in i-95 corridor areas and probably taking a little bit longer in south jersey. forecast, 50 degrees is your 8:00 temperature, 51 degrees by 10:00, by noon 51, by 3:00, 51 and by 6:00, 48 degrees. everybody is going to stay well above the freezing mark and most of us getting on to or about 50 degrees. 51 in trenton, 51 in philadelphia and just 48 in cape may. then we get into monday evening into tuesday morning. there's an area of low pressure coming up the coast that's going to stay off the coast but a weak features comes through giving us a chance of some rain changing into light snow into tuesday
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morning. this is going to be a really small accumulation. some of you might struggle to get an inch but the timing won't be good and it could be snowing during the morning commute. if you're traveling out to minnesota, 20 degrees today. 17 on monday. tuesday is the travel day i would avoid out there there could be a bit of snow. and look at how cold it gets thursday and friday. highs in the single digits but by the time we get to sunday, we are looking at improvement the way things are looking now. if you call 21 degrees for tailgaters improvement. there could also be some flurries around game time, indoors probably around 70. increasing clouds 47 degrees and there will be that chance of some rain changing to snow late at night and changing into light snow for the tuesday morning commute. 37 and dry in the afternoon, 36 wednesday, 50 on thursday. mostly cloudy there. and thursday night some rain arrives. and then into friday morning that rain could change to snow. so friday during the morning and
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perhaps during the afternoon would be another time where we could see some snow. 39 degrees the high there, saturday sunny and cold 31. by sunday back up to about 40. >> all right david, thank you. we are still talking snow, but spring is almost two months away and in just a few weeks spring will be in full bloom at the pennsylvania convention center. the pennsylvania horticultural society gave a sneak peek of the 2018 philadelphia flower show. this year's theme wonders of water will offer visitors sights, sounds and senses of the rain forest. there will be 10 acres of landscaped gardens and displays including a 25 foot water fall. it runs from march 3rd until the 11th.
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oh. [whispering] so that means no breakfast? i said there might be breakfast. i was really looking forward to breakfast... i know. voya. helping you to and through retirement. so glad you're waking up just about 7:20 on a sunday morning. health check now cardiologists around the area will be keeping
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close tabs on patients leading up to the super bowl. big sporting events to heart attack and heart failure episodes. it all depends how excited those fans are. doctors here noted a rise in heart failure in admissions in 2005 after the eagles lost the super bowl. researchers in canada have found the heart rate of hockey fans rose 75% while watching television and 110% when a person is watching a do or die play. >> you will see plenty of on air action news pernltds in minnesota for the super bowl, but there are many people working hard behind the scenes too. 6abc's photo journal its made the 17-hour drive with the action cam and they had a lot of fun and sent it all back on twitter. ♪ ♪
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last night they did arrive i ci. >> welcome to minnesota. 6ab has arrived in minnesota. i'm telling you what, we've got to be ready because the philly fans are going to bring it. fly eagles fly! >> pretty i want to say when we go to stories they don't do that.
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go eagles. we'll see y 7:24 on your sunday morning
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and a rainy start to your morning. it's a live look there the co commodore barry bridge. meteorologist david murphy says there's a chance for some snow. his forecast coming your way in just a bit. the red hot comiitment for the super bowl -- excitement for the super bowl shifting to a
7:25 am
very cold minnesota. jeff skversky continues our coverage. >> eagles fans take over minneapolis. that's the long and short of it from chris long, the eagles defensive end. he says eagles fans need to dominate at the super bowl like they have at the linc and on the road all season. doug pederson with the eagles with their final full practice before flying out to minnesota this afternoon. against the patriots again a modern day dynasty, future hall of famers with tom brady and bell belichick. the birds are not shiig away from this challenge. they want new england badly. >> they have to do what they do and we focus on us. >> i wouldn't want to play any other team obviously they've been there multiple times and have won it multiple times. in order to really earn it, it's got to be somebody you want to earn it from. >> i think this team is as motivated as possible people saying we're going to win
7:26 am
regardless of whatever it is. >> running back corey clement is the ultimate underdog story. now he says his goal is to make sure broad street is packed for a parade. >> you know the eagles, the city of philadelphia. i've got family to play for, my friends, my hometown. i'm pretty sure everybody else has a chip on their shoulder they want to play for and we're going to go out to minnesota, lock in. >> reporter: this eagles defense has one glaring hole it's stopping tightened which could pose a major problem with rob gronkowski. gronk returning to practice yesterday. he's yet to be cleared from that concussion. brady and the patriots offense ranked number one in the nfl, second in passing, second in scoring. but the brady bunch are in for a
7:27 am
tough one against the eagles d. >> they've got a great defense, as good as we faced all year and the d line is, you know, i think better than any team we faced all year. fletcher cox is an incredible player. but they're all really talented. they all play well together. they've got a great scheme. they've been playing well all year and that's why they're in this game and that's why we're in this game. and it's going to be a great game. >> can't wait. the eagles will get to know what it feels like to win the super bowl. you don't have to look very far to find someone who does. joe flacco, the former delaware quarterback who won the super bowl for the ravens five years ago. it is cool seeing philadelphia going nuts right now. joe what kind of advice do you have for nick foles. >> it's just something you have to experience for yourself and kind of learn as you go. the biggest thing and i'm sure he knows is to just play loose
7:28 am
and have fun. >> we caught up with flacco at a gym where he was signing autographs. i'm jeff skversky, have a great day. >> and if you're headed to the super bowl, take a look at this. this is the ultimate goal, right? bringing home the vince lombardi trophiy. you can take a picture with the trophy. just go to the website to register. we've provided a link on we'll be right back. stand up to chronic migraine with botox®. botox® is the only treatment for chronic migraine shown to actually prevent headaches and migraines before they even start. botox® is for adults with chronic migraine, 15 or more headache days a month each lasting 4 hours or more. it's injected by a doctor once every 12 weeks. and is covered by most insurance. effects of botox® may spread hours to weeks after injection, causing serious symptoms.
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good morning to you. 6hd over the philadelphia international airport. you can see it is a wet start to your sunday morning. how long will this rain stick around. meteorologist david murphy is going to let you know. >> and the stage is set. the lights are shining on minnesota. and later today our eagles touchdown right there just a win away from being super bowl champs. first we go outside where meteorologist david murphy it is a wet start after a gorgeous day yesterday. still mild temperatures that's a good thing but also we're looking forward to a little snow this week, right? >> there is a couple of chances of the white stuff. the first chance would be tuesday morning and it doesn't look like a whole lot. for now it's rain. take a look at storm tracker 6 live double scan and you can see the wet stuff is falling across
7:31 am
the region, breaking up a little bit up in the poconos, allentown probably not quite as steady rain as we're seeing in philadelphia and the farther you move to the south into south jersey and delaware the steadier the rain is even there. it's fairly nuisance rain or a variety of nuisance rain and you probably aren't looking at a lot of ponding and puddling on the roadways. still you want to take it slow. 50 degrees in philadelphia, the cooler suburbs, allentown and reading 44 and 45. all these numbers well above freezing. there is no icing. this is all rain. and as we go through the day it looks like it stays rather cloudy and damp for a good portion of the day. the rain will clear from north to south as we go through the morning and afternoon so that later this morning up into allentown and some of the northern and western suburbs you'll start to see some drying. philadelphia you might have to way for the afternoon for that to occur and the closer you are to the coast the better chance
7:32 am
you have. temperatures are still mild. still looking at that flood watch up in the northern delaware river region from about easton, pennsylvania up to bushkill falls, it's still that ice jam breaking up and this is good until 4:00 this afternoon. more flooding on roads possible. when i step inside we'll show you the progression and departure of this rain as we go through the afternoon and evening and we'll talk more about two more chances of precipitation that could include some snow later in the accuweather 7-day forecast. it's a 7-day forecast now. >> got it. thank you, david. super bowl lii pitting our eagles against the patriots is exactly one week away. it has been quite a year leading up to this and now some eagles fans are bound for minnesota where the super bowl experience is under way. it is the tail end of a magical season that kicked off with the nfl draft here in philadelphia and later today the birds make their way to sports biggest
7:33 am
stage a win away from the biggest title. our sports producer along with brian taff, ducis rodgers and jamie apody have already landed in minnesota. here they are getting to their flight at philadelphia international airport. they will bring you live reports on action news all week starting today at noon but first bob brooks at the eagles' final practice. >> reporter: it was this team's last practice in south philadelphia together. the music turned up, preparing for the biggest stage of them all. i would be lying if i said anything but it looked like they meant business. staying focused, that's exactly how players described their mind set during post practice interviews. >> hard work, attention to detail and just getting ready is to execute. >> reporter: the birds head to minneapolis. defensive lineman chris long has been to the super bowl before. he says this team will have no problem preparing. >> we've got good leadership. we've got guys who get it and
7:34 am
are hard workers. >> reporter: and before they left town, several players wanted to thank the eagles nation for their support all year. >> we're not letting them down. that's who we're fighting for, that's who we're doing it for. to make sure we come back. >> reporter: once again the underdogs from philadelphia going up against arguably the nfl's greatest dynasty. the eagles love that storyline. >> reporter: >> if you want to be the best, you've got to beat the best. that's just in everything. >> reporter: bob brooks, channel 6 action news. >> your timeo is 7:34. there is a new eagles shirt out there embracing the new message of the underdogs and it reads: unleashed, untamed finish it for philly. lane johnson partnered with logo warehouse worns again to print out those shirts. all the proceeds go to lj65 foundation to benefit the school district of philadelphia. he did the same thing with his
7:35 am
previous underdog t-shirts. all right. eagles great pumping up the crowd there at the philadelphia auto show. he took a whole lot of pictures with the fans out there, many of whom were proudly sporting their eagles green and white. ducis rodgers, jamie apody, brian taff, sharrie williams and sarah bloomquist will be bringing you live reports from minnesota. some of those live reports start today on action news at noon and keep up with the eagles and the action news team on the air, on twitter, on facebook and >> 7:35 now. when president trump makes his first state of the union address on tuesday, he will see in the capital gallery a couple of dozen members in the daca program for young immigrants. they will be mostly democrats to
7:36 am
remind the president that he worked out a deal to create a legal path for citizenship for them. a republican has also announced he will bring a daca recipient. he will try to make the case. he does continue to struggle with low poll numbers. more aftershocks. helped cover up decades of sexual abuse inflicted on young g gymnasts. >> no individual and no department at michigan state university is off limits. >> the football coach mark antonio denies handling any complaints of sexual assault. the recent allegations and the convision of larry nassar have resulted in the resignation of the university's president and
7:37 am
its at athletic director. >> the flu season is the worst it's been in ten years. it is urging anyone who has not received a flu shot go out and get one as soon as possible. the cdc predicting by the end of flu season about 700,000 people will have gone to the hospital because of the flu. and they also say 34 million people will have contracted the flu. on friday california reported that 97 people in that states under the age of 65 have died from the flu. >> it is now 7:37. sky 6hd taking a live look outside we go to the center city skyline. meteorologist david murphy back next. >> and a love story and a journey of independence. opera philadelphia takes onan acclaimed production. looking for balance in your digestive system?
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happened to be at the right place at the right time, a man stuck in the icy waters of kenosha harbor is alive today. he was walking along the harbor path when he heard someone and decided to investigate. >> i started hearing help me help me and i started running. i peek my head over the corner and there's a man holding on on the sea wall. and when he saw me his face lit up. i've never seen somebody so happy in my life.
7:41 am
>> the man had fallen in when his bike flipped off the icy path. he dialed 911 and reached down to try to hold on to the man. he kept his grip on him until firefighters arrived with divers who pulled the man to safety. >> a live look outside back here at home, you can see it's a wet start to your sunday morning. meteorologist david murphy in for chris sowers this morning. we're talking rain and a chance for some snow later this week. >> later this week a couple of chances for some snow. today it's mild enough to be all rain it looks like it won't be all day in the philadelphia and northern suburbs. there's the action cam looking live. the fact that the clouds are low and the fact that we do have that rain. not a good day for baseball out there even though the temperatures are a bit on the mild side. and as we take a look at temperatures right now we're at 44 degrees in allentown, 45 degrees in reading, 44 degrees in lancaster and 50 in philadelphia, 49 in trenton, 52
7:42 am
in millville and 54 in dover. future tracker 6 showing you between now all the way up until noon we're going to see that rain start to see it clear the northern and western suburbs but still be affecting the immediate counties around philadelphia and counties to the south. areas of south jersey will probably get a little steadier rain that what we're going to get here in philadelphia. but still just news sans rain for the most part with rainfall amounts between a tenth and a quarter of an inch tops. by 2:00 and 3:00 you can see how we begin to see that rain push to the other side of the delaware river and even new jersey neighborhoods are probably seeing an end to it. if you are farther south, at 6:00 there could be light sprinkles around and by the shore it may be up until 11:00 until you dry out. cloudy skies, rain will be ending this morning. a high of 50 degrees is there. down the shore rain pretty much into the middle to late afternoon hours with some
7:43 am
lighter sprinkles possible after that. 50 degrees is the high there. and in philadelphia, 51 degrees. and we do expect cloudy skies today. but that rain probably tapering off between 1:00, 2:00 somewhere around there, close to philadelphia and other areas around i-95. it will be mild again today. we clear out overnight and it's a bit cooler getting down to 38 in philadelphia. i could see some suburbs in the low 30s and winds picking up slightly at 7-14 miles per hour. and tomorrow, sun gives way to clouds. and at night on monday some rain eventually changing overnight to snow. that spills into tuesday morning. this is going to be a light snow event with minor accumulations. some of you may struggle to get to an inch out of this. but it is timing poorly for the tuesday morning commute. it could be just enough to make slippery travel a problem on tuesday. so that is one time period that we're going to have you watch as we come up into this next week. an arctic attack coming up into
7:44 am
that especially for minnesota as cold arctic air is going to wide right in in time for especially a couple of days before the super bowl. 10-20 degrees below average. around here it will be cooler but not nearly as bad. for tailgating, we're actually improving the forecast. we're going to be in single digit highs for friday and saturday but on super bowl sunday about 21 degrees with flurries in minnesota for tailgaters and 70 indoors at the game. 51 degrees today, monday we have increasing clouds with a high of 47 and that rain changing to light snow overnight that could hinder the tuesday morning commute so i've got the accuweather alert up for that. 37 is the high in the afternoon but dry. that one may be a rain changing to snow event on friday. groundhog day. an accuweather alert there as well. we do bounce up to 39 for an afternoon high.
7:45 am
perhaps a little rain mixing with snow on friday. then saturday looks cold and brisk and sunny. 31 degrees. but don't worry, by super bowl sunday afternoon we expect to get back up into the low 40s and probably down into the 30s during the game again. >> good news for the super bowl parties. >> it will be brisk. chilly but it's not going to be as bad as it is in minnesota and not as bad as it was looking a couple of ago. >> your time now 7:45. ralph lauren is bringing new meaning to the idea of warning up to the winter olympics. the team usa's uniforms will have heating systemings built into them. the uniforms will consist of a parka and bomber jacket and it's powered by a slim battery packet that can last up to 12 hours. the temperatures are usually in the lower 20s in february but may drop even lower during the day. former eagles mike quick and
7:46 am
seth joyner spend some time with the fans at the exton square mall. joyner said the game will be eagles defense taking tom brady off the field. >> if they can minimize his amounts of possessions, which i think is going to be the key to the game. the least amount of possessions board, him to figure you out the better chance they have of winning this game and i'm already calling it right now, the eagles super bowl parade down broad street, baby. >> we're all ready for that parade down broad street. former eagle trotter says the patriots are not tt overpowering team they used to be. >> i'm glad it's a rematch. i hate the patriots, ma hate th patriots. but it would feel much better if we won against those guys,
7:47 am
especially with belichick. i mean quite frankly it may be a while before you see in another super bowl. >> and it will feel good to win against those guys. turning to your eagles spirit now, we ask that you continue to show your love for the home team by sending us your pictures and videos. here are some of the other ones already sent. you can share your pictures and videos by using #6abcaction on twitter or inta gram. ize that where you get your medicine matters. and they come to cvs pharmacy. for advice and ways to save money. including copays as low as zero dollars. switching is easy, call 1-833-cvs-medd
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ready to let go of hep c? ask your hep c specialist about harvoni. philadelphia kicking off the second half of the season with the philadelphia premiere of an international sensation. karen rogers has more on 6abc loves the arts. >> reporter: the century's most successful new opera.
7:50 am
itsz france in 2012 and it's played in every major opera house in europe. opera philadelphia is staging a new production of the show right here. written on skin follows a wealthy french land owner who becomes enrached with his 14-year-old's wife's infat u wation with a young artist. >> there is ea curiosity sparked in her. >> reporter: it's a passionate but violent love story. >> it kind of goes on a journey of self-discovery and independence and in the end claims her own life. >> reporter: for playing the young wife marks her opera philadelphia debut. >> i'm really excited. everyone in the opera world talks about opera philadelphia. >> it's the creation of british composer. critics have called it a 21st century masterpiece. >> it's unlike anything i've seen or studied. >> it's been to almost major
7:51 am
house in europe. for opera philadelphia. >> he's really pushing us to work beyond what opera is. >> it's the first new staging in the u.s. >> they're really embracing color. bright blues and red and goal gold leaf. >> reporter: opera philadelphia performs "written on skin" february 9th through the 18th. for tickets and r visit. >> we have more now on your eagles pride. a singer song writer sent us his version of the birds fight song. ♪ fly eagles fly on the road to victory ♪ >> that might be my favorite
7:52 am
rendition. his version of the song has a little gospel and r and b feel to it. it sounds great. e year. on the 100% fiber-optic network, and withn you can stream on up to 100 devices at once. so get the fastest internet available, plus netflix, plus up to200 tv channels, plus phone, plus a two-year price guarantee. all for just $79.99 per month. it's time to fiber optics your netflix. go to getfios.comto switch today.
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crunchy outside. chewy inside. tum tum tum tum tums chewy bites. >> the hottest vehicles on the market and on display as far as the eye can see. the 2018 philadelphia auto show continues all week at the pennsylvania convention center. and there's something for everyone from high tech pickups to classic road sters and a few folks stepped by to check out the action news van to meet david murphy and our gray hall. >> you said it was nice. >> yeah. >> we were at the black tie tailgate on friday night and
7:55 am
that was fun too. >> it's always so great to meet everybody. everyone is so kind and generous, welcome back. thank you everyone i had a list of names but i can't read them all. >> we really had a nice time. so let's go ahead and take a look at storm tracker 6 double scan. still kind of wet out there and the clouds will look kind of grayish, probably not even white up above you. future tracker 6 still shows between now and about 2:30 we should be getting close to the end of the rain philadelphia might linger on down by the shore. >> all right, david thank you. we're just a few minutes away from dag good morning to good morning america. >> there's a preview our friends at abc are working on. >> good morning philadelphia. coming up on gma, president trump folk ising on tuesday's state of the union address which marks his first year of the presidency. what are the issues he'll be folk ising on in that speech.
7:56 am
the investigation is intensifying into doctor nassar. the michigan attorney general is stepping in. and finally the biggest stars in music are gearing up for the grammies tonight. an exclusive party for an event and i know all you guys are focusing on is next sunday. pulling for the eagles. hope to see you soon. >> here are some of your eagles spirit that you've been showing us. everyone looking good in their eagles gear. we ask that you continue to show your love for the home team by sending your pictures and videos you can do that by going to our facebook page. you can do that by hashtagging #6abcaction.
7:57 am
i love all these pictures. the baby ones are my favorite. >> love them all. good morning america weekend next on channel 6. action news continues a bit later this morning. >> the birds about to embark on their trip to minneapolis. we'll be live. the eagles countekor the super >> plus new moves in science that could mean detecting cancer sooner. >> plus another check of the accuweather forecast. now for gray hall, chris sowers, david murphy and the entire action news team, i'm nydia han. have a great day. we'll see you right back here at 9:00 a.m.
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good morning, america. and this morning -- >> mr. speaker! >> just days before president trump's state of the union address, steve wynn resigns as finance chair of the republican national committee after sexual misconduct allegations. what he's saying about the charges and what will happen to his contributions. fighting the flu. drastic efforts to stop it from spreading. schools in at least six states closed tomorrow. disinfection under way. could this be the worst season in a decade? dr. ashton is here. with advice you need to keep your family safe. actor accused. "charles in charge's" scott baio addressing accusations by nicole eggert that he molested her when she was underage. >> i'm going to knock down these false claims against me.


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